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Both Dobczyce and the commune are interesting for tourists who look for contact with nature and active leisure, as well as provide an inspiration for artists who like to feature Dobczyce in photography and paintings. The surrounding woodlands, the waters of the Dobczyce Lake, and the nearby rivers create a landscape which offers the viewer unforgettable experiences and adventures.
Historic landmarks that have accumulated throughout the centuries in this district along with a wide array of cultural events bring us closer to history and acquaint us with the area in an interesting and unusual way.

Tourists who prefer active leisure will find numerous hiking and biking trails which have been developed in the Dobczyce environs. Marked trails which begin in Dobczyce meet in Podgórska Street by the bus stop and the PTTK Tourist Information Office (open: Mon 12.00 noon -7.00 pm, Tue-Fri 8.00 am-4.00 pm). Dobczyce is also a good starting point for skiers; three skiing centres in Siepraw, Kasina Wielka and Myślenice, are situated nearby.

The yellow hiking trail can be followed either north to the Pogórze Wielickie range through Dziekanowice – Hucisko – Grajów – Chorągwica to Wieliczka. It takes about 5 hrs. One can also choose the route leading south along the Beskid Średni range through Ostrysz – Zasań – Kamiennik - Przełęcz Sucha – Łysina – Weszkówka – Kiczora – Lubień, which takes about 8 hrs.
Near Ostrysz the yellow trail crosses the blue trail (leading from Siepraw to Szczawa). Along this trail one can head west, passing mounds (kurhans) dating from the 7th c., along the Trupielec Hill going through Trzemeśnia - Krowia Góra to Myślenice. It takes about 3.6 hrs. The walk eastwards leads through Ostrysz – Czasław - Grodzisko and takes about 3.5 hrs.
The green biking trail - roundabout, leads from one picturesque site in the commune to another. Its total length is 21 km. Starting at Podgórska Street through Winiary, Rudnik, Dziekanowice, Sieraków, Wielka Góra and Stojowice the route leads back to Dobczyce, ending at the point of depart.
The yellow biking trail, 17.1 km long joint the trails of the Gdów commune. We head towards Kazimierza Wielkiego Street near the Old Town, through Grodzisko to the Millennium Cross in Skrzynka, then go through Stadniki – passing by the Krzyworzeka Manor – and then continue to Gdów, where it joins a trail that belongs to the neighbouring commune.

Dobczyce also offers good opportunities for skiing in the area. There are skiing stations in the vicinity: in Siepraw, Kasina Wielka and Myślenice.

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